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South Park Test: Which South Park Character Are You?

Welcome to the South Park Personality Quiz! Answer these fun questions to see which character from South Park you're most like—just pick the option that suits you best and tally up your points.

South Park Test Which South Park Character Are You

Get ready for a wild ride through the snowy streets of South Park! Our South Park quiz is your ticket to finding out which member of the gang you vibe with the most. Whether you’re the level-headed problem solver like Stan, the ethical brainiac like Kyle, the crafty mastermind like Cartman, or the adventurous soul like Kenny, this quiz has got you covered. Each answer racks up points towards your South Park persona, so choose wisely—or just have a blast! As irreverent and bold as the show itself, this quiz is for those who love a good laugh and aren’t afraid to face the music, no matter how kooky it gets. Dive in, tally up your score, and reveal your inner South Park character. It’s time to don your parka, chuckle at the chaos, and maybe, just maybe, kill Kenny with your antics. Ready, set, goth!

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What is Kyle’s personality?

Kyle Broflovski is the moral center of his group of friends. With his keen sense of right and wrong, he often stands as the voice of reason against the show’s mayhem. He’s intelligent, logical, and uses his wits to navigate the wild scenarios he finds himself in. His personality is a mix of compassion and practicality, making him a steadfast and reliable character amidst the chaos of South Park.
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Who are the ENTJ characters in South Park?

ENTJ characters are natural leaders, assertive, and outspoken with a strategic mind. In “South Park,” Eric Cartman often displays traits that could be classified as ENTJ, despite his more negative qualities. He’s certainly commanding and has no problem taking charge, whether he’s scheming for personal gain or leading a crusade for something he believes in (for better or worse).

Who is Cartman based off of?

Eric Cartman is one of the show’s most iconic figures, and while he’s not directly based on a single person, his character takes inspiration from the archetype of a schoolyard bully. Cartman’s exaggerated personality traits—selfishness, cunning, and domineering behavior—are crafted to represent the worst of childish antics amplified to a humorous degree by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

What is Cartman’s MBTI?

If Eric Cartman had an MBTI type, he’d likely be an unhealthy version of an ENTJ or ESTP. His leadership qualities, forceful personality, and quick thinking align with the assertive and strategic nature of ENTJs, while his impulsive actions and desire for instant gratification are characteristic of ESTP tendencies. However, Cartman’s version of these types would be on the extreme end, given his tendency for manipulation and lack of empathy.

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