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Rice Purity Test: How innocent are you?

Take the Rice Purity Test to discover your innocence level. A 100-question quiz to explore your experiences. Start now and share with friends!

Held hands romantically?

Welcome to the intriguing world of the Rice Purity Test, a fascinating journey that delves into the realms of innocence and experiences. Have you ever wondered where you stand on the spectrum of purity? This captivating test, often seen as a rite of passage, offers a unique insight into your personal life choices and adventures. With its roots in Rice University, the test has gained immense popularity on social media, becoming a global phenomenon. As you embark on this enlightening quest, prepare to uncover aspects of yourself you never knew existed. But that’s not all – if exploring your romantic inclinations piques your interest, don’t miss our Love Character Test, a complementary journey into the depths of your heart. Let the discovery begin!

Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

The Rice Purity Test is not just a survey; it’s a journey through your life experiences. With 100 probing questions, it assesses your level of innocence or, let’s say, adventurousness. Your score, ranging from 0 to 100, acts as a mirror, reflecting your purity or the lack thereof. Here’s a friendly guide to what your score might reveal about you:

  • 100 to 90: You’re the epitome of innocence! Your choices shine with purity, and it’s like you have a halo over your head. You’re the person who always chooses the high road, even when no one’s watching.
  • 89 to 70: You’re quite the innocent soul. Sure, you’ve dabbled in a few cheeky adventures, but overall, you’re still on the side of the angels.
  • 69 to 50: You’re a bit of a wildcard. You’ve taken some risks and probably have a few stories that you only share with your closest friends. Life is an adventure, and you’re here for the ride!
  • 49 to 30: You’re a bit of a rebel. You’ve tasted the forbidden fruit more than once and aren’t afraid to bend the rules for a bit of fun.
  • 29 to 10: You’re on the other end of the purity spectrum. You’ve lived life on the edge and have stories that could raise eyebrows or even shock your friends.
  • 9 to 0: You’re the definition of a rebel! You’re likely the most daring in your group, always ready for the next adventure, rules be damned.

Remember, the Rice Purity Test is all in good fun. It’s a way to reflect on your experiences and maybe even share a laugh with friends. Also, check out our Pokemon Quiz to know which Pokemon are you.

Key Terms in the Rice Purity Test

Let’s decode some of the terms you might encounter while taking the Rice Purity Test. These terms are part of the language of the test and understanding them can make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.

  • MPS (Member of the Preferred Sex): This term pops up in questions related to romantic or sexual experiences. “Preferred sex” here means the gender you’re attracted to, so MPS is essentially the person you’re interested in. For example, if a question asks if you’ve ever held hands with an MPS, it’s asking if you’ve held hands with someone you’re attracted to.
  • Streaking: This term might sound mysterious, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Streaking means running naked in a public place. It’s often done as a prank or a dare, and yes, it’s one of those wild experiences that the Rice Purity Test asks about!

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